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Wholesale computers sells brand new laptops as well as refurbished laptops!

Laptops New and Refurbished

Brand New as well as Refurbished Custom Built Desktops available through Wholesale Computers

Desktops New and Refurbished

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Apple New Open Box

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Hot Daily Deals!

Tablets New and Refurbished

Wholesale Computers

Servers New and Refurbished

Wholesale Computers and Technology offers custom made servers and main frame computers for many small businesses.

Power Batteries New and Refurbished

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Hot Daily Deals!

Standard Data Recovery

In regards to data recovery, you have only one chance. At Wholesale Computers & Technology, we work with the right engineers and technicians to offer an outstanding, competitive, reliable service. Our engineers are so capable that we can even offer forensic data retrieval. Very few companies can say that.

Wholesale Computers and Technology is centrally located in Fort Lauderdale which makes our quality services, regarding the recovery of data from damaged hard drives, RAIDs, tapes, and flash drives, easily available to Broward customers.

Forensic Data Recovery

We provide cost-effective, end to end and reliable electronic evidence analysis combining Forensic Data Recovery, Data Collection, Processing, Analysis, eDiscovery, Reporting, and Testimony to individuals, businesses, legal and government organizations.

  • Forensic Drive Imaging
  • Electronic Evidence Analysis
  • Computer and Server Forensics
  • Employee Monitoring Services
  • Chain of Custody Procedures
  • Data Recovery Services
  • PDA and Smartphones Forensic
  • Password Recovery/Analysis



Hot Daily Deals!

Daily Deals Hot daily Specials

Wholesale Computers & Technology is located in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. We offer computers at wholesale price in a first come first serve Daily Deal Specials! Our clients fill out the email box below, and DAILY we send our Daily Deals to all of our customers email addresses. Whomever calls in and places the orders first, wins. Supplies are always very limited. Our Daily Deals consist of executive level computers and technology. We do not sell things that are found easily at the local superstore. All of our products are for buiness class use, and most come with warranties. Why do we do Daily Deals? This concept is one that our customers love a lot. Getting a great deal on an executive level computer is not an easy task. There is a lot of competitors out there claiming to offer a service like this but in realtiy its a inferior product. Call and talk to PRESTON, not the immitators about your wholesale computer needs! Hes got the right deal for you!!


Hot Daily Deals!