Kinds of Antivirus for your Computer

Kinds of Antivirus for your Computer

Wholesale Computers and Technology has a wide range of computer parts and supply that you need. In this article, we will know the kinds of antivirus that you can choose to save your computer from virus and possible damage. It is important that every computer is protected by this program. In this way, no stranger can get inside your memory and will definitely destroy your files eventually your computer. In any way, we have wholesale computers antivirus available for you and you can choose what is best for you. It is important to buy this program in computer wholesale besides many types to choose from it has a cheaper price.


This type is the most famous antivirus programs that can be obtained for free. As well as, easy to download directly from the internet. Also, it does not consume big space on a hard drive. Also, it works with a number of different Windows operating system. It combines both antivirus and antispyware abilities and works by scanning all the files on the computer at regular intervals. As well as, it has the ability to quarantine virus files. In this way, they cannot do any harm before they can check and deleted.


This program has been the second most famous on the market for years. It has enabled the company to cement its position as a strong competitor to Symantec. Hence, it gives spyware and virus protection within one program rather than separately as many other programs do. It is needed to take our a subscription to use Mac Afee. However, it will give you access to continuously updating virus protection. 


Norton antivirus has a number of programs available, all produced by Symantec. They fast proven themselves to be a market leader when it comes to computer system security. Their products are ready in different electronics supply stores. This anti-virus program used by major computer users on the market, with an annual fee for subscription service. Thus, Norton Internet Security and Norton Anti-virus are software programs that search the computer regularly and delete any virus that they find.


Kaspersky is develope by Russian is not the most famous of all the anti-virus protection programs. A lot of people have probably never heard of them. But they still give a very effective product for protection against viruses, spyware, and Trojans. Also, Kaspersky Anti-virus and Kaspersky Internet Security stop problems that computers will encounter in the event that they become infected.


AdAware is a software by Lavasoft another antivirus program. That gives protection against a large number of cybersecurity threats that arise from using the Internet. AdAware offer different levels of protection according to how much you want to spend in one-off payment for the program. Also, it finds and removes viruses and spyware. Hence, that can detect keystrokes and passwords, it will protect against Trojans. With the advance in anti-malware technology allow it to give effective protection. During not putting extreme pressure on the system in the process.

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