How to Choose the Right Computer Specifications?

How to Choose the Right Computer Specifications?

Do you need a new computer? With all kinds of computers expert and specs being toss around, it can be confusing. In this day, there are many cheap laptops on the market. With the new technology that modern hardware. Also, they can give a decent computing experience without completely draining your wallet. Thus, the trick is in finding the right balance between cost and your needs. To choose the right computer can be challenging, but we are here to help you. Here are the most important specs and details you need to keep your eye on when buying a computer.


Random Access Memory or RAM is where active data from your applications and system process are stored. You can think RAM as the temporary canvas where a computer does its real-time calculations and operations. In today's demand for RAM is need of much higher than before. If you want to use multiple open apps at the same time. You need more RAM your computer has the better.


These computer specs keep getting more efficient and powerful with each yearly upgrade. However, Intel always has easily marked its work level to choose from, depending on your needs. In the same way, Intel's entry-level Core i3 chips are the cheapest but least powerful processor available. If you are searching for a sub-$500 computer that will do basic computing tasks, then the Core i3 line must be enough. However, computers with Core i7 and i9 are more expensive, but this is more powerful.


In the computer, there are two kinds of storage types to choose from. They are HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and SSD (Solid State Drive). HDD is the traditional spinning magnetic disk that is called "platter" while SSD uses flash memory. The same use in smartphone and tablets. If the computer has SSD it is more expensive but faster than the traditional HDD. SSD is more efficient and has more advantage so better choose a computer with SSD over one with the only HDD. However, they are more expensive.


It depends on your preferences or budget, but no matter what the size, you display's resolution will determine how sharp your screen will appear. A cheaper laptop only comes in 720p enough for smaller display sizes. But target at least a 1080p display. Basically, high-end computers come with Ultra HD/4K display, in the same way, they are expensive.

Now that you have a few understanding on what computer specs you may need you can now choose what brand you want to buy. Wholesale Computer parts and technology have the complete lines of computer brand with the good specs that you can choose. For instance, dell Optiplex 3020 specs which has the best quality for a computer to use. Our computers wholesaler staff will guide you to know what you really need. If you have the plan to buy wholesale computer parts you may get a lower price and with good quality. Also, the company has refurbished tablets that are available at a lower price but the quality is still good as new.


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