• Weber Micro

    One of my main hard drives on my server recently died.  I took the drive to a long-time friend and Data Recovery Specialist, Preston McDonald, owner of Wholesale Computers & Technology in Ft. Lauderdale.  They diagnosed the drive as needing to be rebuilt then recovered.  They rebuilt the drive and had all of my data recovered in less than 72 hours. This data was imperative and I can’t say how thankful our company is for Wholesale Computers & Technology’s professionalism and quick response.  We can’t thank these guys enough for saving the day.  We highly recommend Wholesale Computers & Technology for any data recovery needs you might have.

    Doug Weber
    Weber Micro
  • Rhino Paper & Marketing

    Our company was recently  completely shut down due to a hard drive failure in our server.  We were desperate to get our data from the defective drive.  We had no choice but to have the data recovered from this drive. We sent the drive to Wholesale Computers & Technology with the hopes of getting our data back.  We are so thankful, the people there were very nice and professional.  They immediately started on our data recovery.  In less than 2 days, they had our drive/data 100% recovered.   They then took the recovered data installed a new drive in our server and moved our data, miraculously we were 100% back in business.  This was incredible, they then recommended cloud backup options for us going forward.  We are incredibly thankful for Wholesale Computers & Technology’s knowledgeable and friendly staff, we can’t say thanks enough, and we highly recommend them to anyone out there who has a data recovery need.  

    With tremendous thanks,

    Eric Oplesch
  • Netlink Technologies

    One of my longest and most important clients mistakenly received a Dell PowerEdge server configured in a stripe (unbeknownst to us) versus a mirror, almost 5 years later that stripe failed, while we did have a back up of the data, in that failure we suffered file corruption across the array. The failed drive failed at the mechanical level and potentially could have been a devastating failure. Preston, Ginno and the team not only were able to physically rebuild the drive and it’s internal parts but bring the array back online for a 100% recovery after a system restore. At the end of the day they saved my ***! 

    Scott Studdard
    Netlink Technologies
  • In my searches for a new computer, I have opted to stir away from big corporations and focus more on small local businesses for several reasons, finances been one of them.

    After contacting a few local suppliers in the area, I have spoken with Preston at Wholesale Computers & Technology. I could go through all the details of how wonderful and pleasant this experience was, but that would take too long. The highlights of this transaction are the following:

    • Preston is an honest, helpful, and wonderful person. He stands behind his work and backs up every promise he makes. I felt very confident dealing with him.
    • He has supplied me with what I needed and actually upgraded me on some hardware at no extra cost.
    • As far as product for the money, I would have never got a better deal anywhere else. And the computer performs seamlessly.
    • My business with Wholesale Computers & Technology is not done. We are currently working on other transactions as I feel strongly confident that these guys are here to help and make a difference. They will get you what you need for less than what it will cost you anywhere else.

    The market can be iffy these days, but here you can shop with total confidence. Honest, loyal, faithful people. A+

    Gabriel B