Raid Data Recovery

RAID arrays and other enterprise server configurations can make data recovery more complex. With the help of our trained certified RAID data recovery engineers, we can recover business-critical data from all configurations and types of arrays from any type of failure.

RAID recovery services

Wholesale Computers & Technology offers fast turnaround using expert engineers in Data Recovery and honest managers. We clearly understand that hardware and software failures can cause a tremendous amount of stress and serious financial challenges for your business. Our goal is to minimize stress while delivering dependable results. In-house engineers will take every possible step to get your array up and running as quickly as possible.

At Wholesale Computers & Technology, we are capable of handling all types of configurations, from RAID 0 setup to 60 (or 6+0) as well as 5E, 5EE, Z, and X-RAID

Some typical scenarios that cause RAID data loss varies

  • Corrupted controller
  • Damaged striping
  • Deleting files accidentally
  • Failures Due to Power Surge
  • Array rebuild failure
  • Partitioning, Formatting
  • Array configuration lost
  • Intermittent drive failure resulting in RAID degradation
  • Controller Damage
  • Configuration damage or corruption
  • Software or operating system upgrades
  • Damage from Viruses
  • Booting system with wrong disk order or unreasonable change of array configuration data.

Measures to take immediately when failure is detected on RAID disk array

Here are our main suggestions:

  • Save all pending files and documents and power off the system properly.
  • Resort to professional disk array data recovery company/RAID data recovery software.
  • Above all, do not attempt to do data recovery operations, such as rebuilding and synchronization.

All in all, please hire professionals like Wholesale Computers & Technology to help you get rid of data loss trouble. It is a delicate procedure. Do not try anything in person unless you REALLY (and we mean, REALLY) have confidence in making data recovery from RAID drives by yourself.