How to fix a computer that won’t turn on

Gadgets like cellphone and computer has always been a part of our daily lives. They play an essential role into our communication, jobs, and even for entertainment. But, what if your computer stops working and won’t turn on? Well, there are several of reasons why sometimes your computer won’t boot up. To help you out, here are some tips on how you will fix a dead computer.

  1. Check the Power Switch – One of the possible reason why your computer isn’t turning is that, we tend to forgot to switch on the power switch/ power button. So, check first the power switch before dismantling your computer.
  2. Check the Cable Connections – Another reason why computers do not turn on is because of loose cable and unplugged cable connections. So, inspect your cable if they are properly attached. And if you are using a laptop, make sure that the AC adapter is plugged properly.
  3. Plug the Computer directly – If you have done the two steps above, then try removing other power strips, battery backups, and other power source of your PC and wall outlet. Then, plugged in directly your computer. If your computer turns on, then there’s likely a problem with your other power sources.
  4. Check the Power Outlet – Computers are electronic gadgets, therefore they are powered by electricity. So, check your power outlet if it is working properly. You can check it by using a load or lamp test.
  5. Check the Power Supply Voltage – Check if the input voltage is correct. If the PSU or Power Supply Unit and Input voltage are not match then, your computer is not going to turn on at all.
  6. Check for Broken Pins – Check if there are any debris and broken pins in the power receptacle of your computer or laptop that prevents it from powering on and charging. If you find some broken/bent pins and some dirt, straighten it and clean it up. However, cleaning might require a professional help.
  7. Change the CMOS battery – One of the common cause why computer won’t turn on is a bad CMOS battery. Replace your CMOS battery to make it work again.
  8. Check if the Motherboard – If you are using a desktop computer, then inspect if the power switch is properly attached to the motherboard.
  9. Test the Power Supply – Surely your computer won’t work if the power supply is damaged. Immediately replace your power supply to make it working back again.
  10. Replace your Motherboard – If you are certain that everything is plugged correctly and working properly, then there might a problem with your motherboard. Motherboard is considered to be the brain of the computer. Check if your motherboard is in good condition, if not then replace it.

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